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Honest cleaning services offer a full office or private spaces disinfection service to help keep viruses and bacteria from spreading around your workspace.

Offices and public spaces can be particularly vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19 from one surface to another. The spread of the virus increases the likelihood of more employees being struck down resulting in less productivity and additional pressure on those remaining to keep business as usual, therefore office disinfection is key for all workspace.

Measure for protecting yourself and workers from exposure to, and infection with, the novel coronovirus, COVID-19 depend in the type of work being performed and exposure risk, including potential for interaction with infectious people and contamination of the work environment. Employers should adapt infection control strategies based on a thorough hazard assessment, using appropriate combination of engineering and administrative control, safe work practices, and personal protective equipment to prevent exposure.

Disinfection is the key for all workspaces.

Our professional office disinfection cleaning teams can help ensure that both common and hard to reach areas are disinfected, keeping high-risk areas such as desks, office equipment, chairs and kitchen areas clean, sanitary and safe.

All the members of our knowledgeable team are trained to provide expert, effective  disinfection, and using our specialist knowledge will clean, disinfect and then protect offices to minimise infection, and therefore disruption to you.

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